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Six weeks to a leaner, healthier, more mentally resilient YOU. No overwhelm. No confusion. Just the tools and support you need to master your own fitness journey. 


A Six-Week Course & Coaching Intensive unique to you.

It's not a "course", it's a PHILOSOPHY. It's the opposite of just another "diet" or "program" - it's meeting you where you are and identifying your unique needle-movers to get big results, and fast. It's the very best of more than twelve years of nutrition and lifestyle coaching at your finger tips.

For being so "healthy", why aren't I more "fit and healthy"?

Because there's something missing. You're overlooking a key component in your lifestyle. And you'll find it in one or more of the Five Pillars covered in this Course. You'll also understand what you can do about it and create a plan of action you can be excited about.

I know something's "off" but my doc says I'm "normal"

That's because your intuition knows something is out of alignment, which happens long before your doctor sees something concerning enough in your blood work. Oftentimes you can realign with lifestyle changes. We'll walk through that together in the Course.

I know I need a "healthier lifestyle" but I'm overwhelmed

That's because there are millions of opinions and thousands of ways to accomplish this - which creates overwhelm and confusion. When you step away from the noise and start with where you are by applying the 5 Pillars, you'll get instant clarity. 

Week 1

Facelift Your Diet & Maximize Your Digestion

We'll start by simplifying nutrition and examining your digestion. You'll uncover your unique needs through two layers of examination: the Simple and Deep. And the examination grows with you as your nutrition and habits improve, so you'll be able to apply it all along your journey.

Week 2

Tear Down the Old Idea of Exercise

We'll explore your exercise needs and evaluate UNstructured movement, often forgotten, and look at Structured movement through 4 layers of examination. You'll be confident in determining and navigating your individual exercise needs.

Week 3

Reclaim Your Energy & Metabolism

We'll evaluate sleep quality and explore unique ways to improve it, as well as dive into a topic that's NOT common: your hidden EMF's (Electromagnetic Frequencies) that may be zapping your energy and how your Light Exposure may be wreaking havoc on your health. We'll cover ways to protect yourself, too.

Week 4

Use Unique Tools to Your Advantage

We'll discuss how to navigate your lab tests, as well as shed light on what might be missing (and how to work with your doctor).  We'll review what supplements might be helpful for you, as well as examine ways you might help your body with its natural detox to give your health a boost. 

Week 5

Create Real Change With Non-Physical Tools

The foundation to it all: we'll walk through six simple life-changing techniques to change how you respond to stress. The most insightful and deep work you'll do, that will change you forever . . . for the better.

Live Coaching Along the Way 

Live Coaching Calls

Each week, for six weeks, you'll be invited to a live coaching call on Zoom where you can get clarification and guidance. Calls are recorded for your convenience.

FREE Masterclass 

Jam-Packed Masterclass (PLUS How To Get an Amazing Bonus Package That Can 10X Your Results!)

When enrollment is open, you'll be invited to a 55-min Masterclass covering the THREE biggest mistakes nearly everyone makes when trying to get healthy and fit - and how to avoid them.

PLUS, we'll cover the three things your health practitioner, doctor, and your trainer are NOT looking for that could be sabotaging your results. 

And lastly, I'll show you a step-by-step FRAMEWORK that helps you regain your health, reverse chronic symptoms, increase energy, and rev up your metabolism!

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“Michelle helped right my relationship with food, wellness, and my environment. She helped me connect back to myself. On top of it all, I came to understand that Michelle is just as invested in my journey as I am. She thrives on supporting her clients, and her commitment to helping others absolutely radiates outward. Every time I talk to her, I feel lighter, happier, and more connected.”
— Valerie
“Today I sit at a much better place physically and mentally when it comes to food, weight training and being fit. Michelle is more than a coach, she is my mentor and continues to bring an abundance of knowledge to the table when it comes to living a life of balance."
— Brandy
“Working with Michelle has changed the way I approach food and fitness forever!  Not only did she help me achieve my immediate goals, she gave me the tools necessary for a lifetime of continued mental and physical fitness.  Ditch your Shrink. Ditch your trainer, your diet, and your workout plan.  Heck, ditch your family Doctor! Michelle is better than all five combined and is the answer you've been looking for.”
— A. Moses
“Working with Michelle, I have not only gained a much better understanding about nutrition and the impact it has on my health, but I have also overcome health challenges, and most importantly I have a gained a friend.” 
— Shanon

Meet Your Coach

Michelle Herzog is a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Holistic Health Coach and for the past 12 years has helps hundreds of women transform their minds, health, and bodies - and usually in that order. Her unique teaching style and to-the-point techniques have garnered her a loyal following.

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